Goro Fujita – Artist Interview

Briefly describe your creative background. Do you have any previous applications?

I was fascinated by drawing ever since I was a little child.
After graduating High School I went to an animation school called “The German Film School for digital production” near Berlin.
I graduated in 2005 and started working as a freelance character animator and visual development artist for TV commercials and Feature Films.
Prior to DreamWorks I was working as an animator on “Niko And The Way To The Stars” (US title “The Flight Before Christmas”) at Pictorion Magma in Germany.

In August 2008 I was hired by PDI/DreamWorks as a visual development artist.
Projects I’ve worked  on so far are Merry Madagascar, Megamind and Madagascar 3.

Where do you find inspiration for your work?

Traveling to different countries is a good way to get inspired. I also like to visit art galleries, taking part in art events like sketchcrawl.com and going to comic conventions.

Browsing through artist blogs and participating in online art forums can give you tons of inspiration too.

What inspiration would you give to aspiring artists?

Go to an art school, attend painting workshops etc.
Work hard and eliminate your weaknesses step by step. Not all at once.
The key is to stay focused on your goals. Don’t be scared of Failing. Failing is good and necessary for you to grow.

My favorite quote:

“Don’t Bail, the best gold is at the bottom of barrels of crap”

– Randy Pausch

What current project(s) are you working on at DreamWorks? Elsewhere?

Where do you see yourself in 10-15 years?
One of my biggest goals was to come overseas and work at a big company like DreamWorks.
10-15 Years gives me enough time to think about new goals to tackle. I’m pretty sure that I will still be working in the entertainment industry but I always
leave a door open for other possibilities.

Visit Goro’s blog and website!

One Response to “Goro Fujita – Artist Interview”
  1. Marisa says:

    I love Goro’s work (I’ve been following his blog for a while). He’s a wonderful artist with such imaginative and charming characters! I’d like to see his Robots in a feature length animated film.

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