Chin Ko – Artist Interview

Briefly describe your creative background. Do you have any previous applications?

After growing up in Taiwan until the early years of my adolescence, I decided to enroll into the army. Two years later with a plane ride over to the USA, I was in school studying as a math major. Crunching numbers and solving mathematical problems just wasn’t for me. Though, I did enjoy the times we drew shapes and graphs. Then it occurred to me that artistic creativity was my passion. I was able to learn and express myself as an artist with my years at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles. It was awe inspiring to be surrounded by such talented people with different creative points of view. Later, I obtained my BFA as a Digital Media major. But the journey to get there was a worthwhile experience that I will never forget. Ever since then, I have had the privilege to work as a Conceptual Artist for Star Wars The Force Unleashed and Clone Wars. I have also been working as a visual development artist for Lucas Arts and Dreamworks covering games, and feature / animated films.

Where do you find inspiration for your work? Who are your 5 favorite artists?
Some artists I’ve heard have the ability to find inspiration just by watching a leaf fall on the ground. My method is not as interesting as I get my inspiration from books. I have a collection that have artwork of different artists anywhere from fine art to photography. They are not only a form of inspiration, but also a daily resource. I’m sure there are some books that I have read from cover to cover at least ten times. They keep me going as an artist. I’ve also looked to traditional paintings, street art, music, and even old films to help stay creative.

As for my favorite artists, they are the people around me everyday.  Friends and peers are really my form of constant inspiration. It’s great to read a book, but physically it can’t talk back to you or understand what you’re going through. I would not be here without the advice and support of my friends and peers. Thank you if you are reading this.

What inspiration would you give to aspiring artists?

Observation is the key. It has always worked for me. The other thing I would encourage artists not to be afraid of is to have your experience in different artistic mediums. Whether it be traditional or digital, be open to learn, to see, and express freely what you want to get across to the people who will experience your art.

What current project(s) are you working on at DreamWorks? Elsewhere?

I’m currently working on “Megamind”

Check out Chin’s blog here

– Chin Ko


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